Go Waterless!

This post is in partnership with Waterl<ss Hair care but all of my thoughts and ideas are my own.

I wanted to take the challenge of not washing my hair for a full week and only use Waterl<ss hair products. I'm huge on not wasting water and at most only wash my hair twice a week but this time I wanted to go full on 7 days with a busy schedule of running around. I love that I was able to get through the week without feeling gross or in desperate need of washing. I want to walk you through my week and show you how my hair managed to not only stay intact but look, feel and smell amazing! I actually got more compliments this week on my hair than when I do wash it a few times. My secret was that it wasn't washed. The products I used during this week were Waterl<ss No Residue Dry Shampoo (it absorbs oil and refreshes fine or oily hair without residue) and Instant Moisture Dry Conditioner (conditions dry hair to control frizz and flyaways it also moisturizes dry ends). My hair gets bleached from time to time (the ends at least) it gets a little dry between washes and the ends feel a little lifeless. So, I really wanted to test out and challenge my hair with these waterless products! The results were incredible! 

A little background about the brand: 
"Waterl<ss was designed and launched for women in Cape Town during the Day Zero water crisis in early 2018. Designed to meet the needs of all hair types, Waterl<ss offers a range of flexible non-wash day solutions that can be used without a drop of water. No matter if you’re choosing to skip a wash to save time, save water, or save your hair from the wear & tear of drying and styling, the collection of products provides solutions for brighter, more beautiful non-wash-days."
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My weeks don’t always look like this and changes ALL the time! This is what happened when I took the 7-day challenge a little over a week ago. 

My 7- day Waterl<ss hair challenge

Day 1 - Every Monday morning I go to pilates to start off my week with a class that not only is soothing it makes me sweat like crazy! After class I went to a local coffee shop and read a book. I ended up spraying the dry shampoo into my hair once I got home. Even after all that sweat my hair didn't feel gross it felt smooth and shiny so I ended up curling it, so I didn't have to do it for the week. I prepared my shooting schedule and went to a friend's to have our weekly Bachelor night. 

Day 2- Although I worked out the day before my hair wasn't at all oily. It actually looked pretty good and smelled great, so I continued work as usual. I headed to Venice beach to do some photographing of friends and afterwards walked around Abbott Kinney. The beach was a little windy and cold, so Abbott is always my next go-to. My hair really got put to the wind test, but all was well. Once I went home it was dark, and definitely gave my hair a good brushing and light spray of the dry conditioner so I could wake up with smooth silky hair.

Day 3- This day wasn't too crazy jam packed. I painted at home and worked a lot on my computer. Loads of editing of photos. I did wake up with smooth, silky hair though.

Day 4- Okay by day 4 when I woke up, my hair definitely needed a little pick me up but the curls still stayed intact. I sprayed my hair with both the dry shampoo and the dry conditioner. Bam it looked as if I just re-curled it and it was full of volume. The greatest thing was again it didn't feel oily which does happen to my hair when I don't add anything and then I end up washing it by day 4. I wanted to test it out even more so again I went back to Venice to meet up with friends for a little beach explore day. We ended up getting drinks during happy hour at my favorite little spot. We sat outside it was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze and watched the sunset. 

Day 5- Another day starting off with pilates. It was a pretty intense class...I did sweat a ton but right when I got home I freshened up with the dry shampoo and fragrance spray. I kept asking my roommate if my hair looked as nice as it felt. The curls were even still intact which is pretty wild. 

Day 6- I ran all over town today and started the morning with a 4-mile walk to my favorite coffee shop then went grocery shopping, bought some beautiful fresh roses, dropped off film to get developed, bought props for upcoming shoots and more. It was a long day of running all over town, being outside and I felt it really put non-washing my hair to the test. When I got home it still was strange to me that my hair was still as soft as ever by just using these two products. 

Day 7- The last day!!! I went to the flea market and walked around all day with my hair completely looking like I just washed it. Guys it was day 7 but still looked like it was DAY 1. I have no idea what I was doing before but wow the number of compliments I received while walking around looking for plants and vintage finds was amazing. I even hugged my friends and asked them if my hair smelled like it hadn't been washed. They actually just kept sniffing which is hilarious to me. 

How often do you wash your hair? How do you keep it looking great between wash days? It's always great finding products you truly believe in and I stand by these 100% and it helps save water - which is good for the environment. #GoWaterless

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