Friday, November 29, 2013

"Dancing with Flying Colors"

I decided to name this one dancing with flying colors not just because that's the name of my blog but because it explains who I am. I love to just go with the flow and dance crazy, and make fun of myself while doing it. I let loose a lot, jump and play around and I think that's very important. You have to just let go sometimes and DANCEWITHFLYINGCOLORS. So this shoot was very me, in a field with things I love to wear. Palazzo Pants, sandals, Kimono, hats, and Tees! So much fun! I hope you enjoy this shoot and much as me. Mind you none of these photos are edited, the lighting was natural and stunning really so enjoy! XOXO ASHLEY P

'Whiskey Business' Top/Tee: @matevintage

Pants: Final Touch

Kimono: Sway Santacruz- Instagram: @sway_santacruz

Hat: @urbanoutfitters


Monday, November 25, 2013

Autumn Leaves Falling Down

The weather has been overall perfect in California lately although now coming back from Seattle I was dying for rain there...and all I got was sunshine. I was happy though to get the 40 degree weather :) This post is mainly about one of my all time favorite websites. I first discovered them a while back looking for bohemian clothing and stumbled upon this amazing site. I feel in love with everything I saw and although I can't buy the whole website I dream of it. I am all for trying things different and testing my outfits with new ways of playing with color palettes or just wearing things that bring me out of my comfort zone. These ThreadSence overalls definitely do that. The pattern is so chic and boho which is all me! The colors are simple and I threw them on with a purple/burgundy Freepeople top. The weather was perfect for these awesome overalls and I say YES to Overalls, from age 5 to 21. ;) This is probably one of my favorite pieces and I will continue to rock these badass overalls! Especially in this perfect fall atmosphere, I think the leaves play off the patterns don't cha think?

Overalls -----

Top ----


Purse----thrift shop (vintage)

Keep pushing that comfort zone beauties. ASHLEY P<3


Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Need Coffee


Good morning lovelies,
Recently on Instagram I've been throwing outfits or just merching things together. It's been a pretty big hit for me so I decided to blog about it and the outfit that I love. I've always wanted to do a photoshoot in this outfit because if you don't know I am highly addicted to's that I drink coffee black anytime of the day---and not wake up kind of addiction. Yep. It's that bad but I don't care it makes me happy and life is too short to not do things that make you happy! So I had a lot of fun in this shoot and I hope you can see it through these awesome photos! Plus it's always fun to lounge around with coffee<3
STAY AWESOME<3 and drink coffee haha! --ASHLEY P

I NEED COFFEE T shirt dress (I LOVE THIS) ----

Cardigan it's aztec print and FRINGE make this piece a MUST HAVE --

Necklace (it adds that bit of classy!) also a MUST HAVE

Socks (so cozy and fall!)


Friday, November 8, 2013



Hey people, I've had quite the week between school and work and going crazy....wanted to update the blog with a photoshoot me and a friend did recently. It involves my all time favorite sunglasses from Urban Outfitters....I think I wear these way too often but I don't care every girl needs her favorite accessory and those happen to be mine<3 Have a lovely Friday and make sure to check my instagram and tumblr for updates : @dancingwithflyingcolors



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Return to Paris

     I've always had this fascination with Paris. Between the romance, fashion and well men...what isn't there to love really? Although the closest thing I've been to the Eiffel tower is in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas it doesn't nearly come close to the real thing. I will always have this magical affair with Paris. One day I will experience the lust for this unknown place on my own but until then I will be the everlasting Wanderlust. I put this outfit together and wore it yesterday actually and it combines a few of my all time favorite things and well MUST haves. 
  • A lace Kimono from Urban Outfitters ---MUST HAVE
  • Paris T shirt from Truly Madly Deeply (UO)
  • A handcrafted Necklace --MUST HAVE
  • Anthropologie Candles (for yummy fall smells)
  • Wasteland shoes
  • Forever 21 felt hat (MUST HAVE)
  • Mustard Seed floral shorts (MY FAVE) they look like carpet....but feel ahhhhhmazing!
So if I am lost and end up found please return to PARIS<3
xoxo Ashley

^^^click those links for some of my MUST HAVES xoxo


Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Velvet Margarita

Hollywood and Margaritas,
The joy of finally turning 21 is racking my brain. It seems so unreal yet when I hand the bartender my ID it all flows back into my head that "heck yes I am 21!" and I am legally allowed to have that drink. I wasn't one for drinking much but it all feels so right now. Of course in moderation, but for my 21st birthday I went all out with people I truly care about. Usually I blog about Fashion but from now on I'm going to blog about things I care about. Still Fashion is probably going to overtake the blog since it's one of my passions but I want you to know me. The crazy free spirited gypsy soul. I would love to tell you the first drink I ordered and how I felt but I think pictures speak louder than any words can describe. All I know is that it was magical, I recommend the Velvet Margarita to all who are willing to have a blast or just hangout. Please visit the cool neon bathroom and have a house margarita they are amazing! xoxo Ashley (keep dancing with flying colors)

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