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Return to Paris

     I've always had this fascination with Paris. Between the romance, fashion and well men...what isn't there to love really? Although the closest thing I've been to the Eiffel tower is in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas it doesn't nearly come close to the real thing. I will always have this magical affair with Paris. One day I will experience the lust for this unknown place on my own but until then I will be the everlasting Wanderlust. I put this outfit together and wore it yesterday actually and it combines a few of my all time favorite things and well MUST haves. 
  • A lace Kimono from Urban Outfitters ---MUST HAVE
  • Paris T shirt from Truly Madly Deeply (UO)
  • A handcrafted Necklace --MUST HAVE
  • Anthropologie Candles (for yummy fall smells)
  • Wasteland shoes
  • Forever 21 felt hat (MUST HAVE)
  • Mustard Seed floral shorts (MY FAVE) they look like carpet....but feel ahhhhhmazing!
So if I am lost and end up found please return to PARIS<3
xoxo Ashley

^^^click those links for some of my MUST HAVES xoxo


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