My name is Ashley Prybycien i'm a 26 year old, boho living gal roaming (probably barefoot)  the streets of Los Angeles! From coffee shops, to southern beaches i'm all about adventures and keeping my soul inspired. I have this dream of inspiring others to be who they want to be. Through Fashion, places, people and travel I want that dream to be profound and obvious to my viewers. I'm a lover of all things bohemian and passionate about everything I wear. I've worked with numerous amounts of companies and have built amazing relationships with some of my idols. I can't wait to continue growing and living out my dreams. Hopefully inspiring others to live out what sets their soul on fire!


 I graduated from California State University of Los Angeles with a Bachelors degree in Film and Media Studies in 2015. I've been a HUGE lover of film, but only in High School did I make that really a priority. From directing, acting, writing, editing and filming loads of school projects I really got passionate about making this a career. After graduating High School I moved out at the age of 17 and moved into a dorm on campus, it was a quite the experience. I then started working in a cool boutique in the Pasadena area. That was then, when I really got to be myself with Fashion. Growing up it was hard I was a 90's kid and only really wore hand me downs from my older sister. This particular boutique really helped me come into my own. It was so fun helping customers try new things with their style and for them to depend on me. 

During my Third year in college, this place closed and I was out of a job. I felt discouraged because I wasn't creating any projects I was only learning in class about film. I didn't feel like I was dressing like myself anymore. Until that same company hired me in their corporate office. I began doing things I never thought as a 19 year old would be doing. I was Visual Merchandising, Wholesale Buying, Fulfilling shipment and so much more. I was Filming Lookbooks, and helping out with Photoshoots let's just say it was nuts! I ended up getting fired from that place, it's okay (they are no longer in business) and i definitely don't regret it..... and why I got fired doesn't matter. What does though is what it taught me, and what it showed me. Then in there I started created a blog that helped me be 100% me and created Dancing With Flying Colors. >> 

I created an outlet that allows me to challenge myself. To inspire myself. To hopefully inspire others. To write and create. To come up with new ideas on the daily.
It's been a lot of work but it's also SO much fun.

Bringing you to this year, 2017 I've been out of school for almost three years now and I'm so thankful for my journey. I started a company with my best friend called LIVE WYLD as of the end of January 2017. The amount of support and positivity streaming in from it melts my heart. I paint vintage/ denim jackets they are all one of a kind and designed by me. I can't wait to see where it'll lead me within the years to come! I've also done SO much with blogging and I thank God because with him ALL things are possible. I have so much in store for my blogging career and I hope you tag along! 

Thanks for getting to know me;
Now let's hear all about YOU

Ashley Prybycien
of Dancing With Flying Colors

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