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Wild Heart

Good evening all, it's been a wild day and I am once again excited to be posting another fun outfit. I love the simplicity of this one and I hope you guys like it just as much. Lately i've been running around like crazy and it's hard to stay tamed in a city with so much to do. Saying that I just mean that it's all about spontaneous moments and living life to the fullest with each fresh opportunity. Don't be afraid to just go for it! There also is a balance that is like this outfit in a way of taming that wild side but still staying wild at heart. Leopard isn't one of my favorites (because it's my mom's and all growing up I just wasn't a fan) but this Kimono top thing I found thrifting was AH--mazing and I was like here's to you Mother haha. I felt like I was on some safari vacation wearing this outfit and I loved it. Also if any of you are ever in LA please try Toast Cafe it's one of my favorites<3 Anyways enjoy this fun wild hearted post and until next time!

HAT: Urban Outfitters || Studio City CA

Leopard Kimono: Thrift store, Los Angeles CA

Tunic: BrandyMelville USA 

Shorts: Crossroads Studio City

Shoes: Forever 21 

Purse: H&M || Victoria Gardens 


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