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Painted with Color

Good evening, this blogpost is going to be short hopefully and to the point since I often times ramble on. If you don't know this one of my passions is photography, I think there is something magical about capturing images. It could be the most obscure thing but once it's captured it becomes stained into the world. I know the saying is an image is worth a thousand words but really to me that's what i've always thought. Images say many different things to people and I find that fascinating. There I go rambling on again. I think this post is so fun since I teamed up with this lovely company BUTTERFLYZEBRA if you haven't heard of them check them out because the fabric of there clothing is ultra soft and cuddly! I also just recently won the #F21Freespirit contest and this white sweater is the first of many Forever 21 clothes that they gave me. I am SO THANKFUL for these two companies I can't say Thank You enough for them taking the time to reach out to me. 

Forever 21 

Sweater || Forever 21|| #f21xme 
Maxi Dress || ButterflyZebra || @butterflyzebra ||
Lipstick|| Mac 
Shoes|| American Eagle || @americaneagle 
Sunglasses || Modcloth || @modcloth


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