Friday, June 27, 2014


I've always gotten homesick from places i've seen but never been to. It's been my life goal to see the world and all of it's beauty. I constantly gaze at maps and picture myself in random countries. Don't get me wrong I am so grateful to live in America and let alone Los Angeles but I have so much to see while I'm on this planet and I know I'm gonna do it. So this post is dedicated to all of those dreamers the seekers of land, and the believers in making things happen. Envelop the mind in Culture and see what's out there. I've always been a believer of that. 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fluorescent Adolescent

This summer has just started for me and it's already been one with crazy adventures. I've said this plenty of times but Malibu and this beach specifically is one of my favorites because of how peaceful it is. This day was filled with good company, laughs, long talks, fashion and of course GOOD TUNES. My ultimate summer playlist would include bands like The 1975, Arctic Monkeys (hence my blog title), Panama Wedding, The Cure, Vance Joy and ETC. Indie tunes are great for this weather<3 Summer is also all about prints and COOL ass sunnies! With good music comes great clothes and awesome eyewear. I have been obsessed with sunnies for years and my collection just continues to grow I could probably open up a boutique of sunglasses but hey anything to feed to obsession. I hope everyone is having a blast this summer and I'll keep you updated on my summer MUST HAVES. 
XOXO Ashley P

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

GET ON THE BOAT ((Vacation Ready))

Now that it's summer and days last longer while nights have some captivating thing about them I think were all ready for a little Vacation. I mean I'm always ready for Vacation….but summer is here and very relevant I want this one to have sun kissed stories and loads of tan lines! Anyways stumbled upon this awesome location and of course while taking pictures there had to be a bike ride along so nearly 100's of people on their bikes were making noises and I couldn't help but laugh. This shoot has so much blue and boats I just wanted to GET ON THE BOAT. After all I know this summer I'm gonna produce a lot of new content so stay posted and be sure to follow my Instagram for what's to come<3 


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