Around the World xx

Greetings from Paris, haha just kidding I wish. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I CRAVE adventure and the world is just a playground to me. I am a travel bug and I need to see the world. This Tee from Threadsence is PERFFFFECT for travel bugs like me because one it's TOO cute and two its a graphic that speaks the truth! Also I'm a #TSaddict so that explains it. So here's to all those dreamers and believers, trust me you'll get to where you want to go just keep that dream alive and work for it everyday! 


Graphic Tee || Threadsence || BUY THE TOP || @Threadsence 

Shorts || Levis 

Shoes || Dolce Vita Designed by Vanessa Mooney || Urban Outfitters || @shopdolcevita @vanessamooney @urbanoutfitters 

Kimono || Nastygal 

Bracelets || PURAVIDA || @puravidabracelets 

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