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<||--Great Escape--||>

I feel like its been forever since I've posted but i've had so many celebrations in the past few weeks with my birthday and my best friends birthday taking us once again out of town and back to Las Vegas. One year later and I still get excited thinking about that magical place. I think it's because I love getting away and well road trips. Getting to the point though one of my all time WISHICOULDGO to places is Bali Indonesia. If I could go anywhere any getaway jump on a plane and GO it would be there. So when I teamed up with QTee Shirts this AMAZING company that not only had an Indonesia Tee but it's a company that allows you to customize the graphic to your own specific taste. I customized my favorite graphic to match not only my wardrobe needs but to match one of my favorite crochet sweaters. So just wearing this Tee allows me to have my own little Great Escape ;) 


Indo Graphic Tee || BUY MY TEE HERE || ((visit site and customize your own tee)) || @QTeeshirts #QTshirts 

Floral Crochet Jacket || William B + Friends || Visit the stores @Williambandfriends #shopwilliamb

Indie Hat || Wasteland || Website Click Here || @Shopwasteland #shopwasteland 

Denim ripped shorts || Planet Blue || @Shopplanetblue #Shopplanetblue


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