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Check Mate

Another one in Paradise. Looking back at these pictures this day was beyond my favorite. It was peaceful and heck I had the chess game all to myself. I think this trip taught me a ton next time I travel anywhere I'm so going to look up 1. what bugs eat you alive and 2. how humid does it get. I stayed at this ultra amazing breathtaking resort called Mayan Palace at Riviera Maya. Let me tell you the giant (okay they weren't THAT big) will eat you all day and all night. After the first few days you get used to it even though the bites will leave you itching the rest of your vacay. This shoot was early in the A.M. and the humidity was getting annoying when it came to shooting. If you weren't in a pool all day or in the ocean it became overbearing. All in all I got to rock this amazing bikini every move I made it jingled heck people heard me coming from miles away. Also the weird looks @darkmintdaisy and I got while having these amazing tattoos on our faces : Priceless. Check mate--- more vacay pictures coming soon!


Handmade Bikini || || @Cultureswimwear 

Metallic Glow In the Dark Temp
Tattoos || GLO TATTS || DEVI Pack || SHOP TATTOOS || @Glotatts

Maxi Top/ Dress || || @Forever21 #F21xme

Photos by: @darkmintdaisy
Vacation Resort :


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