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Bad to the Bone

A random bohemian light, some cool rocks and some bad a$$ lingerie. This shoot was first of all hilarious, adventurous and darn right so much fun. @Darkmintdaisy and I had an early morning that involved loads of coffee, loud car singing and basically ducking whenever we saw a park ranger. It's not everyday that a gal wears lingerie to a park…..Obviously I didn't climb up to this spot in this set but darn was it fun just not caring. This set that I paired with a hat, a leather jacket and some fun accessories helped me feel like I contributed more to my style. Heck its fun wearing clothes but its even better to roam around in funky cool handmade with love ---lingerie. Thanks so much lovelies for allowing me to put my flare on your set and making me feel BAD TO THE BONE<3 Always gonna be one of my favorite sets! Purchase your own Naja set below and shop the one i'm wearing! 

Photos by : @darkmintdaisy


+ Secret Life Of Sparrows Set || Naja || BUY LINGERIE || @Naja

+ Leather Jacket || Freepeople 

+ Moroccan Lamp & Hat || Urban Outfitters  

+ Booties || H&M


  1. I've never heard of Naja before - such a cool website! This style reminds me a bit of Tatu Couture.

    T x


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