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Sea Gypsy

What girl doesn't feel like being a mermaid somedays? I know the whole 'but i'm a mermaid' or anything mermaid is overrated and what not but I don't think so. Especially after climbing on rocks and feeling like a real life-non red hair Arielle. From the dress to the fun beach towel what girl doesn't do the beach like this? haha! Beach days are all about spending time with good company, but why can't you add good towels to that list! My new Vagabond which literally means "a person who wanders from place to place" "having no settled home." I'd like to call the ocean home like some washed up sea gypsy mermaid. These towels not only have an amazing name but are fun to sunbathe in, and you'll be the coolest ones at the beach (or at least feel like it.) The towels launched last week and you should snag yours while they are hot! Go wander around from sea to sea with bright eyes and that fired soul. 


+ Boho Octo Round beach towel || Vagabond Beach || BUY TOWEL || @Vagabondbeach

+ Printed Alexandria Maxi Dress || Eyes of Simone || BUY DRESS || @Eyesofsimone

+ The Rider Belt || Jay Nicole Jewelry || BUY BELT || @Jay.Nicole.Jewelry

+ Shell Choker || Wild the Label || BUY NECKLACE || @Wildthelabel


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