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Meraki: (n.) "The result of putting your soul, passion and love into a project thereby leaving a piece of yourself in the work." 

Whither you have a passion for fashion or dream of being an Astronaut. Whatever it is you see your dream is, do it! Do it with passion and work for it everyday. Put yourself into your work it makes it 100 times more thrilling! It's even more thrilling when people can see that you're not doing your work for anyone else, or to get praise out of it, but simply because you believe in yourself and your work. You leave a piece of yourself in your work and hold onto it with your life because the tears, the sweat and the waking up before sunrise; or the location scouting, emailing and loosing loads of sleep…. is all worth it. I blog because of that passion! Recently collaborating with Speechlustjewelry a phenomenal  jewelry company made me realize that this is exactly why I blog. Companies that I would've never found or maybe found eventually become a part of me. She makes me just want to pack a bag and travel the world… check out her and my new favorite Australian line bellow and shop my entire look<33


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