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Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely humans! 

I hope everyone is getting drunk off of turkey and mashed potatoes….lets not forget the PIE. I have an exclusive blogpost for you guys because I hardly ever mention my passion for baking pie. I've been slaving int the kitchen and baking my signature pie (PEACH BLUEBERRY). Yes it's as yummy as it looks and yes it takes forever to make. It's all worth it though when friends and family take that first bite. I have loads to be thankful for including all of you lovelies that have believed in me and continue to believe in me. I'm thankful for the good the bad and everything in between. Below is my favorite little girl my Nicko she's full siberian husky and i'm oh so thankful for that little bundle of joy! 

Top: Lucy Paris the Label // @Lucyparislabel 
Bottoms: Upwardcollective // @Upwardcollective
Beanie: @Threadsence
Tapestry: Ankit @IHeartankit

!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! -gobble gobble

// PEACH BLUEBERRY PIE // great for all year around<3
-Fresh blueberries
-Fresh Peaches
- Brown Sugar
- Cinnamon


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