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This Year has been one of the best and the worst years but I'm thankful for everything that i've gone through because, I feel like a better person for it Pretty cliche of me but it's true! I have to say i'm supper thankful for blogging and all the incredible things it has taught me, all the incredible people i've had the joy of meeting and for all the crazy adventures i've had because of it. Just to touch on some highlights: I got to go to New York with my best friend, and witness Fashion Week (WHICH STILL FEELS LIKE A DREAM) in place of one of my favorite companies O'neill…and got to witness and MEET my favorite designer (well one of them) Anna Sui. I've got to work with some of my idols and it's because of readers like you that keep me going! So thank you wither you just found my blog or have been reading it all along I thank you! It's definitely not easy but it's all worth it. I plan on 2016 being even better than this year which will be hard to top but I have a long list of things I want to accomplish in 2016 and I hope you do too! Let's ring in the New Year and have an amazing year to come! 
 boy do I have tons of surprises for you…..coming soon! 

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