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mYellow Waves

Adventure is everywhere, wither your driving from city to city or looking for a cool beach to kick off your shoes, just to dip your toes in the ocean… Life is an adventure. An adventure I don't tend to waste. This day was spectacular. Waking up at the usual 5am because "Dreams don't work unless you do"… it's part of the reason I'm such an early bird these days. If you don't have enough time in one day create it, hence waking before the sun just to shoot and have a blast before good ol work. This particular day was magical and I hope it looks and feels as magical as it was. I have HUGE things coming towards you guys for 2016 and this is just the start. 

Also I've recently teamed up with this amazing company called DITTO. I instantly fell in love with the company because I'm obsessed with all things eyewear. I have TOO many to count and for me sunglasses definitely complete a look. So this company allows you to rent endless eyewear starting at $24 a month for DESIGNER eyewear yes guys ALL THINGS DESIGNER it's too cool to pass up. Register with my code: FLYINGCOLORS 
and receive your first month for FREE! Can't get any better than that. 

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