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For all of those coffee lovers, coffee fanatics, or even if you just chug coffee to get through your day: This ones for you guys. 

I've always enjoyed coffee of the simplest form. In a pot, and I never used to add anything; no cream or sugar. Nowadays I really depend on coffee of the extravagant haha okay not really, if it has espresso then count me in. I'm definitely no mocha- frapuccino- double shot- whipped but hold the sugar kind of coffee drinker but props to you if you can memorize that! I'm all about coffee in the simplest form, so I can wake up make a pot, sit down and enjoy the taste as it wakes me up, and prepares me for the adventure of a day I have in front of me. It all starts with one cup….and then maybe a whole pot haha. 

I've come across a company that i'm stoked about being the coffee lover that I am. a blend of coffee + tea that is smooth and tastes so darn good as is! Since I lead a busy lifestyle I like that it comes in individual brewing sizes, it's fast easy and gets the job done! Ready to change the way you drink coffee?! Try Levity Brew and you won't be able to go back to drinking ordinary coffee again! 

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