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Sometimes life throws AMAZINGLY great things at you and sometimes it throws you darn right shitty situations. I feel like this past week has had me with a HUGE mixture of both of those things. I am FOREVER grateful for everyone I meet, and all the relationships that blossomed through blogging. I'm in love with everything blogging has brought me and every time I shoot I just get an overwhelming sense of WOW this is amazing I'm thankful, and trust me I pray everyday to keep doing what I'm doing. On the other hand i've gone through relationships in my personal life left and right. There's only so much a human can take when it comes to friendships, and intimate relationships and with the seasons changing I feel like a lot of friendships have too. Maybe it's me, but I have this bittersweet feeling about it. Things are constantly changing and as much as I want some things to remain the same, they will never be the same.
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So when that time comes, cause it happens to all of us. Just go. Go get lost. Go get lost in your work. Go get lost in something you create. Go get lost in a field, in a place, at a coffee shop, on a trail, at the beach, in a bookstore, drive as far as you can. Just go. Don't think, just do. 

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And while on the road to Malibu, @darkmintdaisy and I stopped. Frolicked through the trees and of course she catches me changing on the side of the road….enjoy this look! Wearing one of my favorite colors! Shop look below<3 

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