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Happy Monday all! I'm excited to share one of my favorite dresses with you. If you like spinning around in dresses as much as I do then you gotta own at least a few maxi dresses. What's better than a maxi? A maxi with slits perfect for those Spring brunch times with the gals! Or roaming empty beaches…haha~ I've been working hard getting episode 3 out to you guys and GUESS WHAT i'll have it out launched on THURSDAY. I promise<3 It's gonna be great and can't wait for you all to continue watching our behind the scene adventures. There's WAY TO much that doesn't get captured but working on it! Have a wonderful day and shop my entire look below. 

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>> >> Navy Half Sleeve Vintage Print Maxi || She In || BUY DRESS >> >>
>> >> Gypsy Necklace || Peoples Project LA || >> >>

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  1. stunning. may i ask how tall you are and which size you ordered?

  2. Hey thanks so much! I have a size small :)


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