Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Throwback to…

THROWBACK TO: overalls, pigtails and chokers. I'm a 90's kid and always will be. So when it comes to wearing overalls that are not only soft because (corduroy) <--which yes I used to own SO much as a kid; but are stylish AND COMFY count me in. I wandered around La Jolla, in San Diego from Seal watching to dancing around (If you didn't see my snaps you're missing out ) these overalls had me prancing around the city. Since it was nearly 90 degrees I didn't wear a shirt or really anything under them but during the fall I can't wait to keep rocking these in all different ways. Paired with cool chic wooden sunglasses and a choker I flash backed to being a child.
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Location: LA JOLLA , California

Monday, July 25, 2016

Blissful Beach

Beach cover ups, bikinis, some really yummy tea and MORE! What does your perfect beach day look like? Mine kinda looks a little like this. Starting at the usual 4/5am drive to San Diego. A little DAY-cation away from the city. Solana beach is one of my favorites out there. Once you get away from all the people and set up camp where hardly anyone is, it's calming.  It was a beautiful Sunday in San Diego, the weather was smoking hot but it helped by taking a dive into the waves. I kept going in and out of the water, partly because I was thirsty/hungry and would lay out on a towel then jump right back in. Coverups are the easiest way to beach, I went in with this one on and it got soaked but then dried right away and was ready to throw back on when we were ready to leave. Thankful for days like this, where I get to shoot and do what I'm passionate about but also get to be silly and splash around in the water. Never loose that, that sense of wonder. 

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