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Amazing things are on the horizon. I may say this Summer has not only been one of the best I know it's going to be THE best Summer yet. With many fortunate collaborations on the way, and some vacations planned, I'm stoked and so very thankful for this journey I'm on. I'm all about the new and getting rid of the old. Today I was doing a bit of Spring cleaning…I know a little too late but it felt good to donate the things I no longer felt attached to.

 I will tell you what I am attached to. Perfume. Good smelling perfume and wearing flowy items. This perfume is one of my new favorites since I discovered it at Urban Outfitters. It's a great size to fit in your purse and reminds me of the Summer heat/ ocean. One of my new go to fragrances. 

Wandering around the city feeling completely me in the look below, was so fun! I love the flowy dress, and colorful tones in this outfit. It definitely screams Summer to me.

>> I hope you enjoy it just as much! Be sure to shop my entire look below through the clickable links. 
xoxo Ashley

>> Lila Dress || SHOP DRESS // BOHO BEAUTY / Noa Elle
>> Kimono ||
>> The Rustic Spike Bolo Wrap Necklace // SHOP CHOKER
>> Girls walled low TX Shoes || Reef Girls  || SHOP SHOES
>> Sel Ocean Spray || SHOP PERFUME // Urban Outfitters

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