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A Change of Heart

"I never found love in the city, just sat in self pity and cried in the car." 

Probably one of my go to favorite SONGS from one of my favorite bands The 1975. You may wonder why I'm bringing them up but they are so inspiring to me and well I was listening to this song just before writing this. From their lyrics, to their impeccable style...they are "GOALS." I love the song " A Change of Heart" it speaks to me. It makes me realize that at one point in your life when you're "dating" someone and you think everything they do is AMAZING, and everything they say is the cutest thing you've ever heard, and the way they look they should be in a magazine. 
One day everything changes; because they aren't meant for you.

And there's this point where you no longer think of them, you no longer are anxious to see them, you no longer wish to be with them. You have.....


 It eventually goes away. They just look like someone else; someone you no longer know; someone you no longer even want to know. Some of us even ask why? are we not good enough? If I said something else or done something else maybe they would still want me? I've seen this time and time again, i've even done it. So something just told me to write all of this down! I never open up about my dating life I wanted to share some inspiration with you. Because every single one of you are GOOD ENOUGH. I've just seen too many people I love in horrible relationships. I had this quote on my tumblr from years ago when one guy I met truly inspired me. Although it didn't work out with him he showed me that if someone wants to see you, they'll see you. If they want to talk to you, they'll talk to you. etc.

Here's what I wrote :
"Don't go on wanting someone that doesn't want you. Don't wait around for them to want you. If they wanted you they'd show it over and over again. So wait for that. Wait for someone that will truly adore you." 

I definitely want to empower young women to go after what they want but if he/ or she wants you YOU'LL know it. They will do everything in their power to talk to you, to know you, to love YOU. So wait for that. :) It'll be SO worth it.

"You used to have a face straight out of a magazine and now you just look like anyone." 
I wouldn't say I'm bitter about love, trust me I'm probably the most hopeless romantic gals you'll meet. I just know when things are over i'm thankful they didn't work out. 

I know one day i'll find it and I know you will too; if you haven't already.

 Love in the city. 
Until then i'm going to have random pool parties with my gal pals. 

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