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Backyard Workouts // Plexus

Working out isn't easy. You have to make time for it, feed it, and become regular at reviving it. It's a daily thing not a one time in a park or at a gym kinda thing. I too struggle with finding that common ground. Lately though i've been pushing myself. I'm hands down a beginner at anything yoga and I try every morning to work on my posture and poses. Thankfully Plexus found me. Since i've gotten this amazing wheel I'm already feeling more confident, my back is too! Although I have loads to work on this wheel makes me feel confident that my balance will be back on track. My workout will be in full stream! Below are some photos of me attempting to feel out my wheel. 

Like I said i'll be working on my poses and you should too! Also I have a strict workout for summer and I want to share with you some Youtube videos I use that kick my butt! I also drink smoothies to replace my breakfast (most of the week) weekends are another story! If you don't already follow my instagram or snap chat for behind the scenes stuff  :: Insta @dancingwithflyingcolors
Snapchat: @ashleyprybycien

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Just a few cause there's so many!
This is a 10 minute intense ab workout but I LOVE IT
Here's a little warm up Yoga video that I love since it's supper calming and when I do it in the morning makes my whole day great!

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