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Room Service Anyone?

Good morning! I love hotels, the excitement of staying somewhere new. I love hotels even more when they're this gorgeous and when the bed is so comfy you can't even fathom getting out of it. That was this place. Walking into the room was a breath of fresh air. It was not only stylish but held this sophisticated touch to it. If you've watched our DXDWANDER Travel diaries - Cincinnati video (which the link is below) you'll see a ton of footage from inside this room. One of the mornings we ordered room service...actually did it twice that morning. Since we had an early wake up call we did it at 6am and tried to get up to shoot but we were so exhausted from our travels that the beds didn't want us to leave them anytime soon. Room service number uno had french pressed coffee , fruit and a mixture of muffins. Room service round two was even better we ordered bacon, eggs, potatoes and mimosas! Our room sure was a food party. My second favorite thing next to the beds, were the robes. I felt like a queen in my robe and we just had to shoot in them. 21 C Museum hotel has hands down the friendliest staff, a supper cool art exhibit in the hotel, the trendiest hotel bar downstairs : which if you visit order the handcrafted Rosemary's Bae cocktail. We couldn't get enough of them. To the beautiful rooftop bar, which is closed on Sundays. It's romantic view of the city during sunset is one to bring your lover. Just have nothing but amazing things to say about this place. So much so that I can't wait to find myself back here again. 



Photos by; // @Rnleyco


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