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This is Feel

Feel beachy, Feel glowing, FEEL refreshed. 

For all of you ladies out there that compare yourself to others, that look in the mirror and wonder "why don't i look like her" , why am I not pretty enough? For the ones that are told you look WAY younger than your actual age ( I get that I look 12 over and over again when I'm 24 and it gets real old....), for the rude comments for the judged stares; the list goes on and on. This one is for ALL of you astonishing, BEAUTIFUL women that shouldn't take anyones crap; because every single ONE of you are beautiful and you should FEEL beautiful everyday. 

As a girl we're constantly told what to wear, how to look and what size we should be again the list goes on and on. We're all victims of societies definition of beautiful and it's time to create a new definition. I don't think we're told enough, that every image is beautiful; that EVERY single flaw makes you perfect. That no matter your shape, your pant size, the freckles on your checks, the way your face lights up when your favorite song comes on, the way you dance awkwardly, the crooked grin, the imperfections;. They make you, YOU and seriously NOBODY is better at being you then YOU so remember that. 

 When I use @THISISFEEL every morning it helps me remember all of that. It helps me feel like a brand new me. This brand helps us change the conversation that we have with ourselves. They help us FEEL more content. 

"Within each of us is a beautiful, caring human. Yet, somehow, it's hard for us to see ourselves that way." 

"Here's to the idea that looking 

good has nothing to do with how you look"


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