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5 Coffee Places - You MUST try

When it comes to my mornings drinking coffee is not even a want anymore it's a NEED. I am one of those crazy coffee addicts that could drink it black or with cream and a hint of sugar. I'm really not all that picky as long as it's warming my insides and I feel awakened by it's bliss. I also am a HUGE iced coffee fanatic. But enough about how I take it, I want to share some of my FAVORITE go to places from all different parts of Los Angeles. I wanted to broaden the spectrum a tad bit because I'm sure your like me and fall into the corporate places all the time. It's easy, it's what we know but isn't there more out there? Shouldn't we try em all? Or at least start with 5. Here's my list of 5 must try places in LA. Trust me my list can go on and on. 

>> Downtown Los Angeles <<

Let's start off with Verve Coffee Roasters. This list of mine isn't really in order but I was just recently at Verve and every time I visit I feel taken care of. From the friendly staff to the carefully curated drinks it's definitely a MUST TRY. With a motto "We believe the coffee experience is our responsibility from seed to cup" it's no wonder why they have customers coming back. They also usually have different mixtures of coffees / lattes that particular day. One day I tried a Vattee don't remember too much what was in it but I know it kicked my tired butt and woke me up - while tasting fantastic! - It was also iced. 

>> Studio City <<
If you've ever seen the "But first coffee" sign it's probably because Alfred has made it not only their #HASHTAG but it's become apart of their decor, cups, and well everything instagood. I've been going to the Melrose Place one because there wasn't one near me but finally the Studio City location opened. This place isn't just Insta cool - meaning picture worthy everything. It actually has amazing cups of joe. A MUST try for a first timer is definitely the waffle cup (chocolate dipped) macchiato. Do I even have to say more?  

>> Pasadena - Old Town << 
Copa Vida is probably one of the places I always want to go but isn't really that close to me. With their whole motto on "Go Enjoy Experience" it's definitely a place all about community! Which who doesn't like that? Taken straight from their website they are all about "Authenticity and Transparency quality / by the time it reaches your cup, the coffee bean has been picked, washed, sorted, pulped, dried, bagged, auctioned, shipped, roasted, packaged, delivered, measured, brewed then served." Which is incredible to me! With flavors that broaden your coffee experience, you'll be wanting to #GOENJOYEXPERIENCE with Copa Vida always!

>> Silver Lake <<
With a name like that it's sure to make the list of everyone who lives in or near Silver Lake. There's a ton of hip spots and amazing places near this area. But I'm basing this list more on if you've never been to LA or even for those who live in LA and haven't gotten around to trying these places. With a dinosaur printed on every cup it's sure to jurassic your park BA DA BA. Haha okay wasn't that funny. With a place that coffee goers find open and friendly, with even a cool signature sign spreading those positive vibes "Things will be fine." It's obviously a must try on my books!

Venice - Abbot Kinney
This is extremely hard because Abboy Kinney is home to LOADS of amazing coffee places. It's okay though because this place hits the list not only because of it's awesome pick up window (that yes is literally on the street outside of the cafe.) It's like a drive through for amazing coffee. Also the decor is phenomenal, it's one of my favorite reasons why coming here. When visiting this place definitely a look at the Wellness, Lattes and Teas section of the menu! They have so many cool flavors that will broaden those taste buds of yours!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, please comment and let me know what YOUR favorite places are! 

The photos of all the coffee shops are taken by me on my phone.


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