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Street Style for the Holidays

Today's pretty special because not only did I post about some fun music jams, I'm also bringing you this awesome Holiday inspired post. Since I live in Los Angeles it doesn't get crazy cold but still cool enough to rock my favorite shaggy coat. I live in Reef Girls so I thought i'd show you how to dress up these comfy shoes so you can run around town and get those Christmas or Holiday gifts for all your loved ones in style + COMFORT. I know when I'm running around mostly last minute for those finishing touches, I like to be comfy. But I also like to stay chic and cozy! With this outfit inspiration you can do all of the above. I have this amazing jumpsuit that is comfy, stylish and literally can be dressed up or down by VERITY. Shop my BOHO-LIDAY style and be sure to check out the Reef blog for more of my fave holiday styles! >>

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