This is how I styled all 3 pairs of sunglasses, 3 differently ways. 

Sunglasses really can make any outfit pop according to the pair. When it comes to eyewear i'm all about every style. I love the mirrored lenses like the one below because you can match them to what you're wearing and people can see themselves in your eyes. It's perfect for those hot summer days! I like the yellow tones because yellow is my all time favorite color. Another style I really love is cat eye shaped. The style just feels so chic. They have become my go to sunglasses since they really go with any outfit I wear. Lastly oversized black sunglasses have you feeling like you're ditching the paparazzi. For me these are perfect for days I don't feel like putting on makeup. They definitely match perfectly with a red lip too! I've always been a huge sunglasses fan, it's one thing I can never have too many of since they come in so many shapes and sizes. Also it helps to have a collection that is affordable. The great thing about WearmePro is you can collect so many without breaking the bank! Check them out and I hope to see how you style your favorites! 



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