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Love Wyld, LIVE WYLD

There's nothing more invigorating, frustrating and intoxicating than doing what you love. I mean that in the best way possible. What is it that you love or are passionate about? Doesn't it drive you crazy in all the best ways? That's what i'm going through at this moment. If you don't know I started a line with my best friend called Live Wyld. It's been quite the experience and quite the start. I've been from everywhere to loving it, to questioning what i'm even doing, it to loving it again. That's the beauty of art though it's constantly making you feel all of these intense emotions. Well, each jacket is like a child to me it's always bittersweet sending them to their new owners. The ones that end up sticking around I question why their still not claimed by a home, but then I remember i'm incredibly lucky to be channeling my art and creativity. I'm also incredibly grateful for the ones that continue to believe in me, from my dear friends who wear their Live Wyld creations on the customers who are all around the world to the strangers on the street. It's a bumpy ride being a small business owner and i'll continue to share this process with you guys. I'm wearing a design I created for myself particularly for Coachella. I'm obsessed with butterflies so of course had to make myself a hand painted butterfly. Also if you didn't know I free hand all of the's scary but every design is hand drawn in a sketchbook then created. It's my favorite part seeing them go from paper to jacket. I hope you check out my site and hey maybe you'll end up in one of my creations one of these days. 


Photos by: @darkmintdaisy


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