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Explore Bali With HoboBags

Bali, Indonesia

LETS TALK ABOUT DREAM VACATIONS. I've been on the go traveling to my number one destination: BALI, Indonesia. It's been on my list since I was about 10 years old and my cousin use to go there for surfing purposes. I always dreamt one day i'd get there too. THE DAY HAS COME and I couldn't be more excited than to get to go with my best friend. While I have loads to tell you about Bali and all of our crazy adventures...we got the chance to work with HOBO BAGS. We took our bags everywhere we went, from touristy things like Rices Fields, to the Monkey Forest to more low-key coffee shops, private beaches and of course our beautiful Airbnb's. 

One thing you couldn't find us without was our bags. 
Cathie and I are huge on going with the flow, we don't necessarily plan things out even while being on vacation. It's sometimes a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. Most importantly we have fun doing whatever it is were doing. Even if it's relaxing in the pool. While in Bali of course there were places we already had in mind of going to and some pictured below were spur of the moment things or places we just happen to stumble upon.

The Rice Fields of Ubud featuring Bali Boat Shed // Reef Girls and Harvest Blaze Bucket Bag - HOBO
I've always dreamt of coming here and seeing the beauty of this land in person. To say the least it's one of the most incredible things i've seen. Photos just don't even do this place justice. It's even more incredible when the sun is rising, peeking through palm trees and dancing along the fields. We started our morning real early that day praying that it didn't rain (It was raining all week but luckily for us the sun came through). If you are a fellow blogger or photographer you know to avoid people being in your backgrounds you have to wake early. It's always worth it and blogging has made us turn into early birds always! We walked the fields with our Hobo Bags and I think one of the highlights of this was; crossing a bridge in the middle of the gardens and a giant spider was in our way. To be honest I am so afraid of spiders especially giant ones. (No it wasn't as big as a tarantula I would have fainted.. but it was still bigger than a quarter.) Luckily a guy was walking from the other side of the bridge and after I warned he still didn't care and walked straight through the web and we were able to cross. (PHEWWW) Another fun moment was a water snake sliding right past my feet on one of the stairs. Now thats when I ran one way and Cathie ran the other both of us screaming in terror. We of course laughed so hard once we got back to the car. It was nature at it's finest. So if you haven't been I highly recommend going bright and early, find the entrance that isn't locked (you'll know when you see it) and explore a ton! Beware of all of the fun creatures there though. (water snakes, stray dogs, spiders, frogs) and probably loads more! These were all just what we encountered while being there. 


For any coffee lover or cafe lover Bali is filled with LOADS. Like you should have seen the list of places just from Instagram that I found. Too many to go to it's insane. Cathie and I had a long list of must try coffee shops but we happened to stumble across this cute place while on a walk from our Airbnb. It was of course early and we had already eaten breakfast so didn't get to try their food but their lattes were OUT OF THIS WORLD (LOL). Mine had a cute flower and Cathie's had a swan we were impressed! We highly recommend Bottega Italiana Bali (@bottegaitalianabali). Next time I have to try their food! 

The Monkey Forest // @monkeyforestubudsanctuary
When in Ubud you have to visit these little guys! Although most the of time being there we just watched them eat and jump on people. Needless to say we were quite entertained. One kept pulling at my skirt like a little child. The monkeys are supper cute and friendly but I didn't get too close didn't want them eating my hair. I did see one try to eat this little girls braids...definitely recommend wearing no hats, accessories, don't bring food and heck feed the little guys some bananas. We just explored and took loads of photos of the monkeys. We didn't feed them because we weren't really wearing appropriate clothes but next time fur sure! Also come to this place right when they open and you'll have the place to yourself! 


Lastly, our very last Airbnb we stayed in was quite picturesque. This place is hidden and quite a hike up 95 steps + hidden away through a river and then some...we got a workout anytime we left. It was bittersweet staying here because we knew we'd only have days until flying back home. From the architecture here to having a cafe steps away from us (it was the only one up here in the jungle) this place was worth the hike. While staying here we swam, ate, walked into town of Ubud and got to experience the market. It had loads of keepsakes, and gifts for miles. Again our Hobo Bags went everywhere with us. Exploring Bali with your best friend is incredible! Also getting to celebrate your 25th and her 24th birthdays together were PERFECT. It was quite the way to come into 25 and I can't wait to share more Bali adventures with all of you! 

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THANK YOU @hobotheoriginal for coming with us to Bali!


  1. Loved reading this post!! I stumbled across you + Cathie's Bali pics when I was searching in the Bali hashtags! :) My husband and I just moved here from NYC for a year, and are loving every minute of it!! We are living in Canggu, but just got back from a weekend in Ubud shooting in the rice terraces and hanging with the monkeys! So cool seeing your beautiful photos from your adventures. Love your style, too!!

    Xo- Tara

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