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Make Art, Make Out

Los Angeles, CA, USA

MAKE ART, MAKE OUT. If only life was that simple right? 
I'm one of those people that if i'm not doing what I love everyday i'll go crazy. Literally... panic attacks, break out in hives all the works. I don't think I was built to ever have a 9-5 office job or anything, i'm used to juggling a million jobs. In the last 5 years i've jumped from job to job trying to find some kind of light or inspiration on what i'm meant to do. I've worked for so many incredible people. This lead me in many different directions. Someone always pulling me back and forth and since I tend to hold all of my emotions in I let them. Large corporations wanted this, but my heart wanted something else, always. I don't think anyone understood what I was really going through mentally. They would add mountains to my plate when all I was capable of giving them was a rock. Which led me running home crying, then staying up all night editing photos or painting early in the morning before work just to add some of my passion to my day, but I'm only human and could only handle so much. It wasn't a way to live. I've come so far since then and I get really emotional because if I never quit the easy route (my day job) who knows where i'd be. 

It's incredibly easy to stick to what you know and not change. Which is fine for most people. I'm just an incredibly passionate girl about the things or people I love. Like I said if i'm not doing something everyday that feeds my soul or passion I mentally and physically feel ill. It must be an artist thing I probably need some help haha. Luckily I paint everyday or do something creative everyday! Anyways, I think you should go for whatever it is that sets your soul on fire. Make out with that cute boy you've had your eye on, make art and LOTS OF IT. Trust me I question all of my designs and my art but if I like it I think someone else will like it too so i've learned to trust in my art. & It makes me incredibly happy to see all my hard work pay off. I spend so many hours painting every design. Some even take days to create. To see orders from France, Australia, Switzerland etc. it MEANS THE WORLD TO ME LITERALLY. Every jacket I create is a piece of me and I love seeing that they mean so much to my customers<3 


I'm forever grateful to continue living my passion. 
Life is too short to not be doing what you love to do, remember that! 



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