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Exploring Costa Rica

I got the most wonderful opportunity to explore Costa Rica with some amazing humans. It all started with a text message from a friend wondering if we'd be able to join her on a trip to Costa Rica. She's the most amazing talented sweetest human and designer of Swim Like A Mermaid so of course i'm gonna say yes there's just one problem..... getting there. Although I travel often money always hinders because I've never had loads of it. It always comes down to that since Cathie and I only travel on a budget and we weren't planning on going on any trips let alone out of the country anytime soon. Let alone in 2 weeks, did I forget to mention that? The trip would have to come together in two weeks. YIKES! All in all with a lot of praying and asking for help something wanted us to visit Costa Rica at the last minute. I couldn't be more grateful for the experience and people willing to help make it happen. We created such amazing bonds with the girls we traveled with i'll link them all below so you can check them all out. Honestly without those girls I don't know what I would do. By the end of the trip I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and lets just say there wasn't a day that went by that wasn't adventurous but I'm glad I got to experience what I did. I could probably go on and on but I want you to check out the photos to really grasp the experience. Wearing loads of Life Clothing Co and Reef be sure to check them out but I highly recommend bringing as little clothes as possible if you travel to Costa Rica around this time it's HUMID AF.... I may look shiny or like I have too much highlight on but it's only because of the sweat.






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