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You Matter

Right now is such a weird time we're all going through drastic life changes. Not being able to see or hangout with friends or loved ones, we're at home all the time and let me be real honest here....somedays are plain up HARD. Going to the grocery store is a whole day trip in itself. With all this change can come tremendous growth or it could go in the opposite direction.We all get to choose who we want to be coming out of this.  I've always had this goal of inspiring others. Maybe a friend, a random stranger, or even a family member, I just want to be good. It's just been something I feel like i've been called to do. I never really see the outcomes of what that entails until I went home and stayed with my mom, sister and nephews. Don't worry we've been practicing social distancing and all the required things. When I was home I wanted them all to watch this documentary called "Chasing Coral" it's on Netflix  and when I get passionate about a book or film I have to share it with loved ones. We watched it, then got on a documentary kick and watched "Game Changers" which i've been vegetarian for almost a year now but never push it on friends or family or anyone it's been a choice I made solely for myself and the environment. It was a lifestyle choice I made. After watching those two things the whole room aka just my two nephews who one is 10 the other 6, then my sister who's 32 and mom who's age I won't put on blast but let's say somewhere in the 50's all decided to make that lifestyle choice too! It was incredible to witness something my best friend and I have committed our lives to and seeing them want to change during these times is INCREDIBLE, I am beyond proud of them. I get text messages of every meal they've made which always make my day to see them trying. I brought this story up because YOU have an impact on every single life you encounter. YOU MATTER, I matter, we all MATTER. No act is ever too small. Seeing them on their second week of this lifestyle is so cool I have no words. Never in my 27 years of life did I ever think they'd change their lifestyles this drastically. Because of something I showed them they decided for themselves. I wanted to share that with you guys since this time is so fragile right now. 

Just be there for someone, listen, and be the best YOU, you could be that's really all that matters. This isn't going to go on forever. Life will get back to whatever "normal" is. So I'm going to share some fun photos we took inside our living room because this time also doesn't have to be so serious. I'll also be sharing some quotes that help me and maybe they can inspire you to do something fun today! I already started my morning off by pretending my apartment driveway was sand at that beach...I threw on a swimsuit and got my tan on while sipping fresh cold brew I made last night. Ate some fruit, journaled and read some chapters of 'Big Magic' it was a great way to set up my morning. Let me know what you get up to! 


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