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the journey is now podcast

 SOOOO WEIRD to say but cathie and I started a podcast which I feel like everyone I know started one during 2020 which isn't to say it's a trend or anything but everyone has a unique story to tell. SO the more podcasts and outlets to tell your story THE BETTER. It's been such a healing experience but also pushed both of us out of our comfort zones. We get vulnerable with the conversations we discuss, which we're used to talking about with loved ones but sharing pieces of our souls with strangers is going to be interesting...if any of our stories or experiences help inspire anyone then that's exactly what I want. We didn't make this with expectations, we simply did it to challenge ourselves and to work on ourselves. The journey is all about the process and enjoying the process. Welcome to the journey is now, our journey. 

I woke up this morning feeling so loved, and supported I don't know what's going to come from this but I think it's important to share your stories. Sharing ours like I said has been healing, we started this because one of our friends released hers and one day cath and I were sitting in our living room talking about how her episodes have been so much fun listening to....maybe we just have fun with it and record one of our conversations but we were both like "we can't speak and stumble over our words all the time." but that didn't stop us. NO ONE is perfect and we aren't at all.....we talk about that all the time. People need to see your flawed side so this is us sharing that flawed side, but the vulnerable side as well. 

we put this out all on our own, recorded in our living room, edited by myself and had fun with it. 
We then created a mood board...had our good talented friend shoot some photos of us  (which she KILLED IT) here's her website to hire her! || instagram: @terenmabry

 although we're awkward and a bit nervous in this first episode I know it's only going to get better from here on out. We have no idea what we're doing & it's all been a learning experience.  

if you'd like to listen here's the link to our episodes or click play below and you can listen right here! 


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