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Buy yourself flowers, decorate your soul

With this being my first post in not only this year but.... it's been a chunk of time since I've written on this blog last. I don't even know where to begin or what to update whoever is reading this. I'll start with some fun tips for VDAY since that's around the corner and this bouquet inspired me to get creative again. Having a full-time job in creative/digital marketing has been a whirlwind of inspiration + hard work so sometimes the last thing I want to do on a weekend is more thinking/creativity. For years I was running around doing creative jobs, never really knowing what job would come next. It was exhilarating but also exhausting and I had no time for ME, which is something I really try to do often. As well as not knowing where the next paycheck would come... having stability for a year (in feb) has taken the pressure off my creative spirit. SO here we are shooting on a weekend because something as small as a bouquet of cut flowers from a little local shop grew this spark in me. 

I think for VDAY there's always this pressure. This pressure of what to do, what to the gift meaningful, is the date too much or too brain is working overtime just thinking about it really. &&& if you're not in a relationship this day can feel a bit much but no worries I'm a big fan of not waiting for a guy or significant other to do nice things for me. 


* Buy them or yourself plants + not flowers (since plants are long-lasting and flowers will sadly die after a few days) 

Lively Root  : has a huge plant selection that will ship to your door and also has a fun VDAY collection. I get all my plants from here! 

*Go on a sunset drive: if you live in LA I highly recommend a little PCH drive together or take yourself on a drive. Create a lover playlist for them or songs that remind you of them and blast those cutie pie tunes for them! But no matter where you live this is a cheap date that will be very memorable. Maybe bring a little blanket + picnic foods to stop at a spot & watch the sunset/stars

*Take yourself on a date: Go to one of your favorite places, dress up in your favorite outfit and WOO yourself!! I do this all the time and it really is so much fun! 

*Send yourself something you've been saving up for. I'm talking SPLURGE cause life is too short to keep that special something in your shopping cart. Buy a nice candle or that dress you've had your eye on. 

*These are just a few things I'll be doing but the list goes on and on! I have a podcast episode about friend dates cause dates don't have to be romantic. I think even BFF dates and friend dates can be so beneficial to any relationship you want to grow. You can listen to it here to get inspired:

DRESS: by one of my favorite sustainable brand's Spell || AZALEA STRAPPY MAXI DRESS


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