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Books that helped my self-love journey

Let's just say my love for books has blossomed into this beautiful journey of ups and downs. Ups because there's nothing like reading a book that consumes your time, mind and heart. Downs because there's nothing like coming to the last page of a book you just fell in love with, knowing you'll never have the opportunity to experience reading it for the first time again. It's sad and beautiful and healing and pure happiness. There's also nothing like reading a horrible book too... but I'm only sharing my favorites! 

Throughout my life I've come to terms that healing is a forever journey and the more work you put into loving yourself wholeheartedly the more you'll attract people that give you the 100% you deserve. I'm one of those people that constantly will be reading fiction and non-fiction at the same time. I like to have a book to escape to, to get me off my screens and I like having one that will contribute to my personal growth or a memoir! Either way I'm reading both at once. I balance doing that by only allowing myself to read 1-2 chapters of each in the morning and then I do the same at night. If I really get hooked on a fiction then I'll continue with that one and read the non-fiction one at a steady pace. So I wanted to share some of my HEALING journey books that have helped me understand myself in a new light. These aren't in any order! Books you'll love

The Art of CommunicatingThich Nhat Hanh (Author)

This one was a good one. I started reading it during a time when my communication was lacking. I kept asking myself "why wasn't I speaking up for myself the same way I'd speak up for a loved one?" I felt taken advantage in a few different areas of my life so this one along with others helped me find my voice again. Communication with not only your close friends and family is important, it's important to everyone you encounter and understanding different forms of communication will only help you! 

How To Do The Work - by Dr. Nicole LePera 

When I say this one is HEALING, challenging and oh so beautiful I mean it...I had to always have my highlighter near by when I was reading this one. It captured everything from trauma, to love, to learning more about your needs, to just putting in the work for yourself. I gained a new perspective reading this one and it has so many of my FAVORITE quotes. "For a relationship to thrive, it can't be used as a means to fill the voids or wounds caused by a parent - figure.  A healthy relationship provides space for mutual evolution. When two people allow each other the freedom and support to be fully seen, heard and self expressed. Authentic love doesn't feel like an emotional rollercoaster, it feels like peace and an inner knowing that you are both choosing to show up from a place of mutual respect and admiration." The quote goes on below since I highlighted it. This quote stuck out to me because so many times I've seen myself or a friend or family member try to base a relationship off of a dumpster fire of a person. It's sometimes loneliness or scared that times running out and you'll die alone. When you put in the work to becoming a better version of attract that as well. You won't stand for the situationships or the no-text backs or the emotional rollercoaster of dating someone so insecure... because you know your worth more and trust me you will find peace knowing there's someone out there that mutually respects, admires and inspires you. Timing is everything. I couldn't recommend this book enough! 

Everything I Know About Love - Dolly Alderton 

I recently finished this book! I cried, laughed and enjoyed this one so much! I wish I could read it again. I love how Dolly mentioned her best friend and how friends can be your longest relationship too! My best friend and I have lived together for over 10 years and have known each other for 16 years and counting. Society puts this pressure on finding "the one" like finding your one true love will magically make all of your problems disappear. It shouldn't be this romantic love were always searching for because there's a special type of effort and love that goes into maintaining a healthy blossoming friendship. I've been told I'll never find love because I'm always with my best friend but truth is she was the reason why I found it! I just love how this book sheds light on that! Every relationship matters friends, lovers, family it all takes work and you get to choose (even with family) your boundaries with all of them.

The Pleasure Is All Yours: Reclaim Your Body's Bliss and Reignite Your Passion for Life - Rachel Allyn

When friends ask me what my favorite book is I usually and almost always say THIS ONE. I had such a good time reading it and it did spark this passion for life. I have a good balance already of finding time to "play" like a kid again and doing things that I love; like reading, enjoying nature, cooking a yummy meal, working out, having dinner dates by myself or with friends.... This book really makes you appreciate the little things. Life is so short and we're only on this planet for a snippet of time, so might as well do the things you've always wanted to do. I do hear friends and family members say...heck even I say "I don't have enough time" but when you start putting effort into making time it makes all the difference. I think there's this spark of joy that ignites when you truly do something you LOVE. I listed little things above that make me happy because it isn't about money or the amount of things you own that make a rich life. Life is about appreciating the people you surround yourself with, the little things you do for yourself, the thoughtfulness, the joy in failure and trying again. The list goes on, but if you're feeling stuck or in a situation that isn't helping ignite those little flutters in your chest...start with this book. I turned 30, I was prioritizing myself, my friends and family. I met the most incredible guy that I get to call my boyfriend. I lost my job right after that and now I get to have a summer in Spain. Life will always throw you curve balls, it isn't out to get you, it all does work out and this is your sign to start igniting that passion for YOUR life. 

I think we live in a perfect time #BOOKTOK discovering new books has been easier than ever! Let me know what you're currently reading!

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