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Gibraltar For The Day


First things first, I am so incredibly lucky that I get to experience so many beautiful places around the world. Gibraltar was constantly talked about or mentioned during my time in Spain. I'd listen to friends mention it and eventually planned a day trip to go with my boyfriend. I knew about the wild monkeys, the beaches that looked like postcards and the skywalk that was on top of the rock. I had no idea how enchanting it would be seeing everything in person. I also had no idea about the history behind this captivating place. Gibraltar is one of those places that I know I'll find myself back at again and again. Below are the things and places we experienced. I highly recommend good walking shoes, lots of water, comfortable attire and be ready for a day full of adventure!

Things we did in Gibraltar 

We parked outside of Gibraltar. Make sure to buy parking ahead of time. I did go during summer time so it was a bit full and that was the one bit we planned ahead for. We walked through border patrol and right across the same airport runway that John Lennon and Yoko Ono stood on in 1969 for their wedding. Which was SO COOL. I didn't know they got married on Gibraltar until our tour guide pointed it out. We walked into town, got as far as main street since we were drenched in sweat. We enjoyed some drinks in one of the courtyards to cool off. Then went on our search for a driving tour to lead us to the rock and all the other spots we wanted to see. We got deep into main street when we were approached by a kind man sharing information about his tour. It was exactly what we came to Gibraltar for. This one included St. Michael's cave, Skywalk, Pillars of Hercules, feeding the wild monkeys and stunning 360 views of Gibraltar. I may not usually be one for guided tours but we had so much fun and honestly the air conditioning in between each spot had us thrilled! 

After the tour, our guide dropped us off at the Botanic Gardens. That was also on our list of things to see when we were talking about coming here. Unfortunately, since we did get a late start this day the guided tour took up most of our time. We walked through a completely ghost town of the botanic gardens. Which was actually pretty cool. The gardens are free with add ons I believe when they're open. It was still so beautiful walking around there, we were greeted by wild chickens which was pretty darn cute. 

There's still some beaches and places I want to try in I'll definitely be back there soon! 

Skywalk Gibraltar

Wild Monkeys

Botanic Gardens 

Views On Views

St. Michael's Cave


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