Monday, May 6, 2019

Desert X

Roadtrips, Star Gazing, LIVE MUSIC....and all the summery things on the back of my jacket. I painted this jacket based on festival season and i'm pretty proud of how it came out every jacket to me are my little babies. I usually start each jacket with a sketch and what type of font I want to create if words are involved. This one came to me a little before coachella basically because I wanted it for coachella so why not create something one of a kind. Although it's based on live music and summer air it can be worn all year long thats the fun part about creating these one of a kind pieces. I had to throw it on when I was staying in Palm Springs and visiting all the fun pop up art displays that are in the middle of the desert. Unfortunately these cool art displays are no longer in the desert. This one was one of my favorites of If you had the chance to check out all of the installations i'm so jealous I only got to 3 of them. All in all be sure to check out my hand painted denim brand and shop the look below!




Monday, March 18, 2019

Victrola Record Player

I know I promised more blogs this year but they've already got passed me. I wrote a few but just haven't had time to publish them. AH this year is already off to the best start and i'm so stoked to share all of the activities and projects i've been working on. FIRST things first, if you're like me you collect vinyls and probably have that crosley record player from urban outfitters cause maybe it was on sale and you just couldn't pass it up.....well that's at least what happened with me. I'm always looking for a good bargain especially with vinyls or record players. SOOOOO I found the perfect one that is WAY louder than my old crosley it has bluetooth so you could connect your phone to it and use it as a speaker....and well the list goes on really. The best part is though.....

It's under $100 only $59.99 PLUS a discount code ASHLEY15 

Music just makes life better "Music is to the soul what words are to the mind" and I 100% agree with that! When you have music to get you through things anything is possible! I've also been re-doing my apartment with magazines, photos of mine i've blown up and printed, and well more vinyls always. Music just inspires me and i'm always finding new talented artists to share with you guys on instagram stories. Be sure to follow me on instagram to get all the behind the scene details and more products I genuinely love. I wouldn't be sharing all these things with you guys if I didn't 100% stand behind them! 

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