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I've been shooting photography for fun for 15+ years. I learned photoshop in 8th grade, just to mess around with images for myspace. I was in a photography class in high school (graduated in 2010) and got to develop my own film images which was INSANE. I have fun playing with film even now. I also took film class in high school and really fell in love with telling stories through images. I majored in film in college and graduated with a BA in film and media studies from CSULA (2015).

I create content for brands for a living now and it's so fun working with new people all the time. I have a passion for styling, picking out props and finding the perfect location to tell the brands story. For me it's more than just creating an image, it's the passion that goes into each image.

more coming soon..... all of my photography/styling/editing for brands

Cathie and I always team up with both of us in front and behind the camera we have been best friends for almost 14 years and have been photographing each other for 7 years. We also do creative directing and so much more!

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