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"Dancing with Flying Colors"

I decided to name this one dancing with flying colors not just because that's the name of my blog but because it explains who I am. I love to just go with the flow and dance crazy, and make fun of myself while doing it. I let loose a lot, jump and play around and I think that's very important. You have to just let go sometimes and DANCEWITHFLYINGCOLORS. So this shoot was very me, in a field with things I love to wear. Palazzo Pants, sandals, Kimono, hats, and Tees! So much fun! I hope you enjoy this shoot and much as me. Mind you none of these photos are edited, the lighting was natural and stunning really so enjoy! XOXO ASHLEY P

'Whiskey Business' Top/Tee: @matevintage

Pants: Final Touch

Kimono: Sway Santacruz- Instagram: @sway_santacruz

Hat: @urbanoutfitters


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