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The Velvet Margarita

Hollywood and Margaritas,
The joy of finally turning 21 is racking my brain. It seems so unreal yet when I hand the bartender my ID it all flows back into my head that "heck yes I am 21!" and I am legally allowed to have that drink. I wasn't one for drinking much but it all feels so right now. Of course in moderation, but for my 21st birthday I went all out with people I truly care about. Usually I blog about Fashion but from now on I'm going to blog about things I care about. Still Fashion is probably going to overtake the blog since it's one of my passions but I want you to know me. The crazy free spirited gypsy soul. I would love to tell you the first drink I ordered and how I felt but I think pictures speak louder than any words can describe. All I know is that it was magical, I recommend the Velvet Margarita to all who are willing to have a blast or just hangout. Please visit the cool neon bathroom and have a house margarita they are amazing! xoxo Ashley (keep dancing with flying colors)


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