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BELLDOWN to the Night

Hey lovelies, so first of all I am so excited to be sharing this shoot with you. I may say this a lot but it was such a fun shoot I got to dance around in the field at sunset with my AMAZING bellbottoms that I never wanted to take off....I think something very important is that sometimes you gotta let your hair down and dance when EVERYONE is looking. I am that type of girl though, I have learned to love myself and it helps coming to terms with fashion. Everyone wants you to wear a certain thing but I just have fun with my closet and have fun with what I want to wear. I of course love trends like anyone else but when it comes to something I see and know I LOVE I have to wear it and wear the crap out of it! That's what I do with these pants. These are velvet and bellbottoms what more could a girl ask for? Just learn to own what you have and make use of items that you do have. I'm constantly reviving old items from years ago and wearing them to this day! Keep on smiling lovelies cause Christmas is just around the corner!


PANTS: ThreadSence (MY FAVORITE SITE) @ThreadSence <---Insta

TOP: FreePeople (I got this at Macy's) Such a fun top to wear with anything! @FreePeople

BEANIE: Forever21

SHOES: They may not be seen because of the pants but they are Forever 21 @Forever21

ENJOY~~~ :'D


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