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Braided Dreams

Good evening, I hope everyone has had a lovely New Years! I had a relaxing night at my moms with drinks, family and friends. The firework show in the backyard had to be my all time favorite part of the night. Midnight happened with a bang and a lot of sparkles in the sky. 2014 has already been a great start for me and I can't wait to see what this years journeys will be. This blog post is the first blog post of the year and it's one that has been different from the rest. Below are images of my second favorite beach that I have had the pleasure of visiting. I love ALL beaches, just the sound of the waves crashing on the shore brings peace to my heart. But this beach in Malibu is one that you all need to see in person. Pictures can't really some up the experience of such a beautiful sight so if you ever find yourself exploring Malibu visit El Matador beach and you won't be disappointed. This shoot took place there on the cliffs and on the sand. I've had this FreePeople dress for some time and as you know I am a sucker for dresses, I love this one because of the details and patterns it has on it. I've never done my hair quite like this but it felt nice to experiment with it. A great cardigan goes well with this dress and the one I'm wearing for the outfit gives texture to the outfit and the dress helps bring out the textures in the cardigan. Between the beach and the drive through Malibu it was one of those days that was well, magical. 

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Dress: Freepeople Topanga @freepeopletopanga @freepeople

Shoes: Melrose Flea Market @melrosetradingpost

Cardigan: Crossroads Studio City @crossroadstrading


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