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CA Dreaming

Good afternoon, my CA dreaming blogpost is a fun natural easy going type of outfit. This day included heading to San Clemente. Eating breakfast at the best joint in town SC Cafe, and then adventurerous and spontaneous rides! My best friend and I roamed around the city and found places we've never been before, although we go to San Clemente quite often. After roaming around town we took a bike ride down to the beach and it was amazing. Mind you it was quite the work out with all the hills in the neighborhoods….I loved it! After working up a sweat we had lunch at a cute joint in town and the day ended with going on a friends boat and watching the sunset. It was quite the CA dream. And a great way to start the New Year. If you've never experienced a sunset on a boat I greatly recommend it. There's something so stunning about the reflection of the water as the orange sky disappears into black. You have to see it for yourself. Back to the outfit, since it was a fun CA day, I wanted a fun CA outfit. Levi high waisted shorts are a CA must have and so are ankle booties! Enjoy!

Kimono: Maroon Printed Kimono || Urban Outfitters Melrose LA || @Urbanoutfitters

Top: Triangle Muscle Tee || Timeless Boutique Studio City || @Timelessboutique

Shorts: Vintage High Waisted Shorts || Levi's from Wasteland Studio City || @Levis @Shopwasteland

Shoes: Cute Suede cut out ankle bootie || LULU's || BUY SHOES || @Lulus


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