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"Don't be Delicate--"

"Don't Be Delicate, be Vast and Brilliant" 
Good afternoon you lovelies! I've had a great morning today, made amazing pancakes for one of my roommates and now I'm just sipping on coffee and relaxing. So much has been changing with me lately but I just have been strong and keeping an open mind about everything. Life is really too short and you have to continue to do what you love, and really fight for it. On another note this quote that this post is named after is truly inspiring. You don't want to get by, by being delicate. Show the world that you are truly brilliant because you are! This outfit is so fun because all of the elements of fringe. I am pretty obsessed with fringe and this vest is one of those things that i've had forever….its ridiculously fun! Hope you enjoy it!


TOP: Urban Outfitters || Studio City CA || @urbanoutfitters

Shorts: Free People || Studio City CA || @freepeoplestudiocity || @freepeople

Shoes + Vest: Forever21 || || @forever21 

Necklace: Pacsun || || @Pacsun


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