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Wild At Heart

 F21FreeSpirit X Shantiquedesigns sounds like a good way for me to start this amazing post but I'll further discuss them later on. I think with any job or any business location is EVERYTHING. That definitely plays a huge part in all of my previous posts because the location portrays a different side of the outfit. A side that could only be brought out by the location. This location I found stunning and I just happened to come across it while shooting, I think the branches of the trees are breath taking and really give the gypsy/bohemian goddess look I was going for! I also have been (and still been) inspired by all of the festivals. I would add this to my 2nd festival look.
So Forever 21 has always been a huge part of my wardrobe and recently I've been obsessed with the Freespirit line because I WANT EVERYTHING and it's so me! Check it out if you haven't already. Shantiquedesigns is one of my favorite jewelry makers they make ALL the amazing bohemian pieces that I just about die over every time I'm stalking their site or Instagram ….it's rather unhealthy but I LOVE THEM and I won their instagram contest for this hell of a gem ZAHARA necklace. It's been in great hands and I am well, obsessed. If you haven't checked those Aussie babes out yet DO IT you won't regret it!
Anyways, it's all about being and staying Wild at Heart because life is short and with every experience is a new lesson that helps you grow into the person you're supposed to become. With each day I grow into the person I want to be and I continue to challenge myself through lessons and fashion and basically anything that's been thrown my way.


Necklace: shantiquedesigns || WEBSITE || BUY THE NECKLACE || @Shantiquedesigns 

Skirt: Forever 21 || Vibrant Slit Maxi Skirt || BUY THE SKIRT || @Forever21 #F21freespirit

TOP: Urbanoutfitters Studio City, CA @urbanoutfitters 

Shoes: Pacsun @Pacsun


  1. i seriously loveeed this post on your IG glad i saw them via blog form <3




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