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Live Wildly

To me, living wildly is all about having a blast in whatever you're doing or wherever you're going. It's about laughing so hard you start crying, it's about pushing your limits and expanding that comfort zone. Life isn't meant to be enjoyed from afar it's about living in the moment and having crazy memories that'll last forever. I think people forget that a lot and you just have to remember to be a goof ball and not care what anyone thinks but yourself. Now to the fashion, sunflower print is a great print to rock for all those girls that live wildly! Its great for festivals and everyday shanagins and graphic tops! Always remember to wear what you want and mix it up! 

Lace Kimono || Urbanoutfitters || @Urbanoutfitters

Live Wildly Graphic || Pacsun || @Pacsun

Sunflower Pants || Jacvanek || @Jacvanek || || @Elementden 

Sunglasses || Zerouv || @Zerouv 

Sandals || Lulu's || @Lulus


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