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Hey Guys! SO this post is probably a bit delayed since Weekend 1 of Coachella is history but I didn't want to make it all about this one HUGE event when there are millions of Festivals out there! So I wanna take a chance and celebrate ALL of them from Outsidelands, Warped Tour, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Stage Coach, etc. They all have such different feels but all in all everyone comes together for the music, the atmosphere and FASHION duh! With each and every Festival I've been to I've always stayed true to myself and wore whatever the heck I wanted to wear. This post was again so much fun to shoot because I used my roommate Sophie we chalked our hair and danced to some Arctic Monkeys. I styled our outfits to fit each other in a way but then to be different enough to go with our personalities. FLOWER CROWNS are an essential for festivals and so are HATS, rings, and  kimonos! So enjoy our little journey and get inspired! 

FEATURED: (from Sophie to Me)
HAT || Urban Outfitters || @urbanoutfitters || @uo_losangeles
Crochet top || Urban Outfitters
High Waisted Shorts || Nastygal || @nastygal
Kimono || Forever 21 || @Forever21
Sandals || Bamboo

Flower Crown || handmade by me || DIY
Cardigan/ Kimono || Vintage 
Crop Top "You Can't Sit With Us" || Brandy Melville || @brandymelvilleusa
Flared Daisy Pants || Melrose OC || @melroseintheoc 

HAIR CHALK: Urban Outfitters 


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