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It's All In the VIEW

I'm definitely one of those people that gets lost in views. In the way things look when they're  untouched or the way people act around each other or just the view from a distance. I think a lot lately i've been more aware of views from a distance. I think all of us have a problem with expectations when we see things from a distance. A landscape could look utterly amazing from it's view far away but then you get into the city and it's dirty it's gritty and amazing and unlike anything you've imagined. It's the same with people. You see them from afar, you get to know them, and they are unlike anything you've imagined. Good or bad. Maybe its the way they talk differently or their mannerisms but they aren't what you expect. It's all in the VIEW though it's not in the way you see things as they are but more about looking past the surface and digging under the skin of the city or the person because in the end were all equals I'm no better than you and you're no better than I. 

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Skirt: Brandy Melville || @brandymelvilleusa 
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HAT: (I added a gold headband to spice up this hat) TARGET || @target


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