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Find me, SEA me

There is something about the Sea that has me and so many others captivated. I don't know how life would be if I didn't have the sea. The sea see's things hears things and bares all things in and around it. It's lovely, soothing and calming. I find myself by the Sea constantly. Sometimes to laugh and have a great time with friends and other times in the middle of the night to escape reality. The weekend that this shoot happened was by far the best weekend because I got to wake up to an amazing view on the hill of San Clemente with the ocean at view. Of course the weekend also involved sleeping in the car for quite some time and also some surfing….not by me, at least not yet but by some amazing Pros. One competition I wouldn't miss.  I guess you can Find me, Catch me and SEA me by the ocean. 


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